Retractable Fall Arrester Blocks

KARAM Retractable Fall Arrester Blocks – The perfect solution for tricky situations.

KARAM  are leaders in Fall Protection and the manufacturing of  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

KARAM has achieved for itself a name to reckon with in the field of Fall Protection and PPE across boundaries globally. With a Mission that speaks of commitment towards the safety of millions of workers working at a height across the world, KARAM stands tall in achieving its goals. Over the last 20 years, we at KARAM have worked tirelessly and relentlessly, to understand the needs of our valuable customers, and manufacture products, which not only comply with the world Safety Standards, but are also designed to provide the best in Safety and ergonomics.

Amongst the various solutions in fall protection, Fall arrester blocks are one of the major pieces of equipment used as part of a fall arrest system. In this article we discuss the products benefits as well as its uses.

What are retractable fall arrester blocks and where are they used?

Retractable Fall Arrester Blocks are vertical lifeline products that are used as part of a complete fall arrest system subjected to a quick jerk, however, an internal mechanism acts to engage a braking system. When the tension is released, the lifeline moves freely again. During a fall, the internal braking system of the Block functions to disperse the energy of the fall over a short distance, thus limiting the force applied to a user’s body.

Where are fall arrester block used?

  • Work in areas with a small clearance distance
  • Lack of enough suitable Anchorage points
  • Repeated work on a defined site, at a height
  • Confined Spaces

Features of KARAM retractable fall arrest blocks

Can be anchored to a single point and allows the user to move uninhibited at different levels.

The connecting lanyard is such that it retracts or extends to different lengths as required and is always taut with no slack. In the event of a fall, the block locks immediately with minimum fall distance and lowers the impact of force to less than 6 kN.

  • Casing: Available in both Polymer and Aluminium Casing
  • Lock Mechanism: Unique centrifugal Braking Mechanism
  • Applications: Ideal for Vertical use in various hazardous like edge, confined spaced, work at heights etc. for personnel weighing up to 100 Kgs for SE and for 140 Kg for EN/ZS.
  • Retractable Life Line: Available in both Webbing & Galvanized Steel (GS) wire rope
  • Harness End Connector: Swivel Snap Hook with Load Indicator PN 162 which indicates a warning line when a Fall has occurred
  • Certification: Tested and Certified to EN 360:2002

Four-point centrifugal braking (fpcb) mechanism for fool-proof locking

KARAM Retractable Block comes with the unique KARAM Four Point Centrifugal Braking (FPCB) Mechanism where most of the Fall Arrest Blocks manufactured in the world have only 2 Braking Powels which are responsible for the locking during a fall. This provides Fool-Proof Locking by applying a brake that is multiplied by a large factor of 4, to give the highest level of safety.

KARAM Retractable Blocks are made of high impact strength polymer, to prevent breakage as we know that the blocks are exposed to harsh and extremely tough conditions.

Karam retractable wire rope blocks are provided with a ‘holding snout’ made of soft thermoplastic elastomer.

The Snout minimizes the accidental locking of the Block when the wire rope is released suddenly

The Holding snout provides dampening of the impact experienced on to the Block casing when the wire rope is released suddenly. This prevents the Block to ‘lock’ accidentally in such cases, and hence allows better usage. It allows a safer and more comfortable grip on the wire rope when the Block is inspected for retraction and locking prior to use. It is mandatory as for all other PPE to inspect the Block for its working (which includes retraction and locking of the wire rope) prior to each use. In the absence of the Holding Snout you may feel discomfort while retracting the wire rope to inspect the Block. The Holding Snout allows you to grip the wire rope safely as you retract it to test the Block for locking and retraction without any discomfort.

KARAM introduces a built in Side Handle with Special grip for supreme comfort while carrying Galvanized Iron Wire heavier blocks. This special handle comes incorporated in all Polymer casing, GS and Webbing lanyard Blocks of 10m size to 30m size.


One of the biggest challenges in fall protection is when the Anchorage point is too high to access and the clearance distance is too small. KARAM Retractable Fall Arrester Blocks provide an ideal solution for such a problem.

Falling from height remains one of the most common risks in the workplace. Regular maintenance and inspection rule out any additional risks. Moreover, one doesn’t have to spend money unnecessarily buying new products because they last longer. Have your fall protection PPE inspected at least once a year and after every fall incident. In this way, you are legally compliant and demonstrate that you are truly concerned about the safety of your employees.