Introduction As per the latest research conducted by HLS (Height, Lift & Shift), ‘Fall from height’ is one of the major causes of fatal accidents or injuries in the workplace. According to the latest HSE statistics, there were 44,400 non-fatal accidents involving falls from height across all industries which counts for 121 accidents every day. […]

Working at heights is a regular part of work in many industries like construction, oil and gas, telecom, facade maintenance, and others. In many such industries, workers work in difficult to access areas high above the ground. The construction industry, in particular, requires significant work to be done at heights. There are several benefits of […]

Industrial Eye Accidents are evolving as one of the biggest occupational fatalities in the workplace involving workers working in a drastic environment. According to IndustriALL, a global union of workers, since May 2020, there have been about 30 industrial eye accidents in India, killing at least 75 workers. From 2014 to 2017, 8,004 such incidents […]