When choosing your safety eyewear, ensure the fit is ideal. Nose bridge, frame size, curve, hinge flexibility, temples or buckles adjustments… there are various ways safety eyewear can ensure optimal protection and comfort. Read more below on our fitting guide & tips. FRAME CURVE   The curve of the frame will define whether the model is more or […]

Without adequate protection, working in certain high-risk industries can pose a great threat to eye safety. The International Labour Organization reports that there are around 340 million occupational accidents each year globally and 2.3 million deaths due to work-related accidents or diseases. Every day, around 2,000 American workers sustain eye injuries while at work that require treatment, reports the […]

Tactical response workers are highly susceptible to eye injuries and the importance of eyewear protection in tactical situations is a must. A soldier can struggle daily against sandstorms and dry winds, always mindful of the risk of explosive blasts and attacks. While tactical environments are traditionally thought of as being in a warzone, they also […]

When it comes to quality and certification the Bollé tactical range has been providing premium protective and ballistic eyewear for active & off-duty communities, in strict compliance with worldwide standard for over 5 decades. SAFETY Products tested and certified Bollé Safety designs and markets personal protective equipment for eye protection for industrial use consistent with […]