Without adequate protection, working in certain high-risk industries can pose a great threat to eye safety. The International Labour Organization reports that there are around 340 million occupational accidents each year globally and 2.3 million deaths due to work-related accidents or diseases. Every day, around 2,000 American workers sustain eye injuries while at work that require treatment, reports the […]

Tactical response workers are highly susceptible to eye injuries and the importance of eyewear protection in tactical situations is a must. A soldier can struggle daily against sandstorms and dry winds, always mindful of the risk of explosive blasts and attacks. While tactical environments are traditionally thought of as being in a warzone, they also […]

When it comes to quality and certification the Bollé tactical range has been providing premium protective and ballistic eyewear for active & off-duty communities, in strict compliance with worldwide standard for over 5 decades. SAFETY Products tested and certified Bollé Safety designs and markets personal protective equipment for eye protection for industrial use consistent with […]

Lanyards Karam Africa

Dynamite in small packages. Lanyards are the vital connecting element of a fall arrest systems. There are various components of a lanyard. Read more in our latest blog: About Lanyards, why the energy absorber is such a vital part of a lanyard and what length of lanyard should be used all about minimum fall clearance distance