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Container Anchor Post With Swivel Anchorage Eye


  • KARAM Container Anchor post is meant to provide a temporary anchor for working on top of 20ft and 40ft shipping containers.
  • In addition to be used as a stand alone anchor post, Container Anchor Post can also be used to form a Horizontal Lifeline over the top of container depending upon the requirement of work to be done.
  • Comes with a side lock and tag line arrangement for easy and secure installation by one person only.
  • Consists of side handle with special grip for easy carrying and safe transportation.
  • Can be easily removed without damaging the container.
  • Consists of one swivel eye for anchorage / making connections.

Material: Alloy steel
Minimum Breaking Strength: 15 kN
Finish: ED coated black
Certified to: EN 795:2012 Type B TS 16415:2013 Type B