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As per the latest research conducted by HLS (Height, Lift & Shift), ‘Fall from height’ is one of the major causes of fatal accidents or injuries in the workplace. According to the latest HSE statistics, there were 44,400 non-fatal accidents involving falls from height across all industries which counts for 121 accidents every day. In 2017-18, 35 workers died as a result of an accident caused by working at heights.

In an industrial workplace, ‘Falls’ are among the most common causes of serious injuries. Falls generally occur during elevation work-related activities like construction, roof maintenance, painting, welding, bricklaying, installation works, repairing, loading-unloading operations etc.

Fall Protection – Simplified

Fall arrest or protection system is a way to avert the fall or to sufficiently lower down the impact force on a human body in an event of a fall. In simple words, the “fall protection system intends to address the hazard of falling from height”.

The Right Equipment for the Right Protection

With there being such a large number of products and procedures to consider when working at a height, the important thing is to choose the right equipment for the task at hand.

The user must ensure that personal fall protection equipment is certified as per a required safety standard like EN (European Standards). Equipment complying with this standard easily satisfies ergonomic and application requirements.

Every fall protection device is designed and meant to be used for specific applications. The users should ensure that the right equipment is used for the right kind of job at the right place. They must also ensure that the product is certified as per the required applicable standard in relation to a particular area of usage.

Also, it is of paramount importance that users should personally do a detailed inspection before each use and at least once a year it must be inspected by a competent or trained person.

Safety Harnesses: The Prime and Primary PPE In Fall Protection

The full-body safety harness is a key part of an active fall arrest system. When the safety harness is properly worn, fitted, and attached to a fall protection system through a self-retracting lifeline, the force of a fall is distributed through the harness to areas of the body better able to absorb the force and support the worker’s weight.

In addition to distributing force, the design of a full-body harness serves to keep the user upright in a fall, keeping the spine vertical, which is ideal for the body to best absorb the compressive forces of a fall.

KARAM offers a comprehensive range of Safety Harnesses to suit a vast range of applications and situations. Equipped with the finest ergonomics and features, all KARAM Safety Harnesses are CE certified and the best choice for comfortable and safe usage for applications like Fall Arrest, Work Positioning, Rescue & Rope Access, Tower Climbing and Working in Confined Space.

KARAM Paves The Way To Protect Every worker-at-height

KARAM offers highly specified fall protection solutions to help protect workers across a wide range of applications and industries. Weensure that every product must adhere to and pass all the stringent global standards before reaching a customer. From anchorage connectors to rescue & descent devices, from full-body harnesses to self-retracting lifelines, every fall protection device at KARAM is manufactured and marketed in compliance with the defined industrial standards as per the specific applications.

With more than 2900 certifications and 2600+ certified products in the range, KARAM stands as a ‘market leader’ of fall protection across the globe. With a sheer mission to impact lives by protecting the millions of workers working in hazardous industrial environments in every direction of the world, KARAM will continue to deliver safety with exemplary, high-quality products.