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Full Body Harness – PN 21(WB) + PN 361 (with Steel Scaffold Hooks)


Consists of Dorsal D-ring for Fall Arrest.



Ideally positioned sit strap and waist belt for extended comfort.



Equipped with Lanyard Keepers for placement of free lanyards.



Has Fall Arrest 44mm Forked Webbing Lanyard PN 361N made from high tenacity polyester permanently spliced on the Dorsal D-ring of the Harness having the
following features-

  • This Lanyard offer the facility to move in all directions while remaining safely anchored at all times.
  • The loops at the ends are protected by an abrasion resistant covering. This prevents the webbing from being damaged by the metallic contact of the
  • Consists of Energy Absorber with loop at one end and Steel Scaffold Hooks PN 131N at other ends.
  • Lanyard is certified as per EN 355:2002, VG11/RfU CNB/P/11.063 (additional Static Strength Test) and AS/NZS 1891.1:2007.Spec Sheet for Full Body Harness (without hooks) 

Material: Polyester
Weight Capacity: 140kg
Application: FA
Attachment Point: Dorsal
Adjustability: Adjustable sliding chest strap, thigh straps and waist belt
Conforms to: EN 361:2002