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Retrieval Retractable Blocks – PCGS 30R

KARAM introduces a unique range of Retrieval Fall Arrest Blocks to enable easy retrieval of a victim of fall. These Blocks allow the fall to arrest and also allow easy hoist of the victim with the help of their inbuilt Winch mechanism when mounted on Megapods, Tripods, K-Pods etc.


Features of KARAM Retrieval Retractable Blocks –

  • KARAM Retrieval Blocks come with Retractable Life Line made of Galvanized Steel Wire Rope. This Life Line is constructed of 4.5mm dia Steel Wire Rope.
  • The locking pin on the side of the casing at the base of the handle allows this dual system to work in independent Fall Arrest and Winch modes.
  • Can be easily mounted on the leg of KARAM Tripod PN 800(DP), K-Pod using specialized brackets.
  • Certified to EN 360:2002 and EN 1496:2017 Class B

Unique Features –

  • Retractable mode- enables easy movement of the user while working in confined space.
  • Winch mode- enables easy retrieval of the victim post fall arrest.
  • Comes with PN 162 Swivel Snap Hook with Impact Indicator.


Material of Casing:-High Impact Strength Polymer
Material and Dia of Lifeline:-4.5mm Dia Galvanized Steel Wire Rope
Minimum Breaking Strength:-12kN
Attachment end:-Steel Screw Locking Karabiner PN 112
Anchorage End:-Steel Swivel Hook PN 162
Certified to:-EN 360:2002 and EN 1496:2017 Class B.