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Respac Recovery Stretcher

KARAM provides an easy-to-use Respac Recovery Stretcher for safe carrying of the wounded. The backpackable Karam Respac Recovery Stretcher has been configured as an extremely flexible rescue system useable in any context where patient transport is needed and particularly useful in morphologic and difficult climatic situations where a fast recovery is desired.


Maximum Load 200.0kgs Application For safe carriage and transportation of the wounded
user. It is particularly effective in morphological and
difficult climatic conditions for a fast recovery.
Loading Surface
Length 8.0ft Material High Strength Polymer
Width 3.0ft Material of Hooks (Material) Alloy Steel
Length 9.0mtrs Width Dia 10.0mm
Lifting Belts
Length Feet z one 6.7ft/ Head zone 6.4ft Width Feet z one 5.0mm/ Head zone 5.0mm
Maximum Load Belts 3000.0kg Maximum Load Stitching 2000.0kg
Material Polyes ter Number of Handles on every longitudinal side 2 Nos.