Guided Type Fall Arrester System On Flexible Anchorage Line

KARAM introduces Temporary Vertical Anchorage Line Systems which are quick and easy to install. All these systems have uniquely designed Rope Grabs that grab onto the Anchorage Line on which they move, thus arresting the fall immediately.


  • The System consists of an openable Rope Grab Device, made up to high strength Galvanized steel which moves freely along the polyamide twisted rope anchorage line (14mm to 16mm), attached at its eye with the user, while he moves up and down.
  • The Rope Grab immediately ‘grabs’ on the line in the event of a fall, thereby arresting the fall.
  • The Anchorage Line has coloured tracer yarn which loses its colour in due course of time, to show that the rope is now unfit for further use.

Rope Grab: Galvanized Steel Openable Rope Grab for fibre rope: RG 01
Attachment Element: Steel Screw Locking Karabiner PN 112
Anchorage Line: Polyamide Twisted rope of dia 14mm to 16mm
Certified to: EN 353-2:2002