Handy Line Temporary Horizontal Lifeline

The Horizontal Lifeline used to protect the workers working in the horizontal plane who may not have continuous access to suitable anchorage points. The innovative design allows the user to quickly install and dismantle the lifeline.


  • Housing made of durable and high strength polymer.
  • Handy and portable design.
  • Extremely easy to install; retractable lifeline is simply pulled out for installation up to the required length and retracted back with the built-in
    winch into an easy-to-carry case.
  • Inbuilt Winch for easy retraction of rope back into the housing/case for fast, simple and safe dismantle. Hence, eliminating large and bulky coils of cable that are difficult to set-up and store.
  • Has inbuilt shock absorption mechanism to limit the impact forces during fall arrest.
  • Molded and padded handle for easy carriage.
  • Comes with Hook PN 162 at the termination end for easy connection.
  • Can be used by maximum 2 users simultaneously.
  • Has tension indicator to indicate required tension in the line.
  • Impact Indicator on the hook turns red in the case of a fall.

Material of Rope: 7×19 Galvanized Steel Wire Rope of dia 6.0mm
System Breaking Strength: 22 kN
Max. Span Length of Wire Rope: Upto 18.0 mtrs
Certified to: EN 795:2012 Type C TS 16415:2013 Type C (for up to 2 users)