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Combat Tactical Glasses

The newest generation of hybrid ballistic spectacles, STANAG 4296, EN166, EN170 and EN172 certified, COMBAT protective glasses with coating provide unique adaptability thanks to their easy-to-change monolens in clear, smoke and CSP versions and their dual temple/strap system (with or without foam).

  • Ballistic polycarbonate lens
  • PLATINUM® coating
  • Wrap-around fit
  • Non-slip bridge B-FLEX
  • Hybrid model : temples or strap



  • PC – 2.95 mm
  • Curve 9
  • PLATINUM® coating
  • Optical insert on option
  • Interchangeable lenses


  • Comfortable bi-material temples available in tan or black, according to the version


  • 22 mm with optional foamClear version : V50 ballistic resistance – Stanag 2920 : 824.2 km/h – 229 m/s
    Smoke version : V50 ballistic resistance – Stanag 2920 : 849.6 km/h – 236 m/s
    CSP version : V50 ballistic resistance – Stanag 2920 : 918 km/h – 255 m/s


COMBAT | Black COMBKITN Protective Eyeware

CE – European standard
Frame marking must include the CE symbol

STANAG 4296 resistance guarantees ballistic resistance as defined by STANAG 2920, plus criteria relating to usage (comfort, lightness, anti-fogging, anti-scratch), optical quality (field of vision 160° minimum, clarity), and more general features (protection with as low a shine as possible, compatibility with other protection such as helmets, face shields, etc.). The STANAG standards are recognized in all NATO member countries. The proof: all frames are marked “STANAG 2920” and/or “STANAG 4296” and the lenses have the B-TACTICAL logo synonymous with ballistic resistance.

F – Mechanical risk – Low energy impact
Low energy impact, resists a 6 mm, 0.86 g ball at 45 m/s

B – Mechanical risk- Medium energy impact
Medium energy impact, resists a 6 mm, 0.86 g ball at 120 m/s

T – Mechanical risk- High speed particles at extreme temperatures
The letter T, immediately after the mechanical strength symbol, authorises use for high speed particles at extreme temperatures.

K – Resistance to surface damage by fine particles
The anti-scratchcoating K provides enhanced scratch-certified coating.

N – Resistance to fogging
The anti-fog coating N is an anti-fog treatment certified.

1 – Optical class
Continuous work – Worn permanently