Flanil Flame Resistant Harness

The Flanil range of Harnesses by KARAM has been specially designed for these workers who are engaged in welding and hot working conditions at height.

Webbing of the Flanil Harness is made of a special fibre which is flame resistant and can withstand temperatures of upto 700° F / 371° C without any damage.

Attachment Elements: Two front attachment textile loops in addition to the Dorsal D-ring for fall arrest.
Adaptability: Adjustable Chest, Waist, Shoulder & Thigh straps.Soft Padded Work Positioning Waist belt provides extreme comfort and safety.
Conforms to: EN 361: 2002
The Webbing is also tested in accordance with EN ISO 15025:2002 and assessed in accordance with EN ISO 9150:1988
Weight Capacity: 140kgs
Life Expectancy: 10 Years