Material Hauling System 5:1
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Material Hauling System 5:1

Komfy Kruze System
  • This is a versatile rescue system made up of Aluminium and steel components which are light in weight and highly corrosion resistant.
  • Allow easy Ascent & Descent.
  • Equipped with an anti reversing pulley which counter balances the body weight of the user thus requiring minimum effort to hold the user.
  • Provided with an ascending handle along with a safety sling. The arrangement stops the descent in case it is accidently released.
  • Available in 3:1 and 5:1 hauling arrangement.
  • The pulleys are factory fitted and do not require user expertise to install the system.
  • Conforms to EN341 class A & EN 1496 : 2006 Class A.

Configuration 5:1

Descent Height Length of Rope Ref.
5m 30m PN 660 (5/1)(05)
10m 60m PN 660 (5/1)(10)
20m 120m PN 660 (5/1) (20)
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