STANAG 2920, EN166, EN170 and EN172 certified, these SWAT ballistic protection sunglasses ensure maximum protection in all circumstances. Thanks to its flexible non-slip nylon temples, its bridge and its ultra wrap-around fit, SWAT provides you with comfort and protection. SWAT is available in smoke, PLATINUM® coated, silver-mirror coated and polarized versions.



• Highly flexible, comfortable nylon frame
• Ballistic polycarbonate lens
• PLATINUM® coating on smoke version
• Integrated lateral protection
• Non-slip bridge



– Lens
 • Ballistic PC – 2,2 mm – Base 8
• PLATINUM® coating (on smoke version)
• Integrated lateral protection

– Temples
 •  Comfort non-slip bi-material temples (Nylon + PVC)

– Frame
 • Available in mat black

V50 ballistic resistance – Stanag 2920 : 705km/h – 196m/s


CE – European standard
Frame marking must include the CE symbol  

Because your maximum protection is essential, Bollé Tactical offers a complete range of spectacles and goggles certified to Ballistic Resistance standard STANAG 2920. Each lens is subjected to impacts from a steel cylinder equivalent to a 0.22’’ calibre which can reach up to 275 m/s, 990 km/h.  

F – Mechanical risk – Low energy impact
Low energy impact, resists a 6 mm, 0.86 g ball at 45 m/s

T – Mechanical risk- High speed particles at extreme temperatures  
The letter T, immediately after the mechanical strength symbol, authorises use for high speed particles at extreme temperatures.  

1 – Optical class  
Continuous work – Worn permanently



Technology approved for permanent wear and certified with perfect optical quality, it offers unbeatable comfort by filtering glare and reflections. Ideal for the maritime environment. Filter 99.99% of UVA/UVB. The polarizing filter contains perfectly aligned crystals, which block horizontally polarized light. Acting like a Venetian blind, it eliminates dazzle and only lets “useful” light pass through. Polarized lenses offer incomparable comfort on water, and also for outdoor activities, driving and around town.



Designed for a perfect fit of the frame on the face.