Bollé Platinum Anti-Fog Lenses

Anti Fog Lenses

Whether you use safety glasses, goggles, or a face shield, fog is a regular issue for many workers wearing face mask or respirators with their eyewear. This is typically caused when warm moisture (exhaled breath or sweat) reaches the lens. The quick temperature change turns the vapour into small water droplets that stick to the closest available surface. Wearing a mask tends to create a ‘chimney effect’ by sending exhaled air through the small air gap at the top of the mask at high pressure. This pressure increases the moisture’s temperature and channels it towards the cool lens, where it causes fogging. Anti-fog lenses can help!

Fog reduces visibility which can lead to accidents in the workplace. in order to reduce this natural phenomenon, here are 3 tips we want to share:

1. ​Use PPE made of anti-fog material

Some material such as PET have fog-resistant properties. Ultra light, PET is ideal for first responders’ needs. They ensure a safer work environment for every person who may be in physical contact with others.
Product selection: NINKA, DFS2

2. Select safety eyewear with a fog-resistant permanent coating

Some lens technologies have been specifically engineered to be fog-resistant. These coatings are available on various materials and are a real asset when using eyewear with a mask. These coatings improve visibility and performance while keeping a high impact resistance.

3. Use an anti-fog spray

Anti-fog solutions are available in sprays. Though their actions are not permanent, they are a great barrier against misting. They are ideal for use on prescription glasses that are often not fog-resistant. These sprays leave a small film on the lenses surface. Washing your glasses might remove some of the film left by the spray.

4. PLATINUM: the ultimate anti-fog/anti-scratch permanent coating

PLATINUM Lite: the accessible anti-fog/anti-scratch permanent coating

This permanent coating is both highly protective yet economical. Applied by a dipping process on both sides of the lens, PLATINUM Lite is highly effective and ideal for users required to change their PPE often for safety reasons. PLATINUM Lite will be the perfect fit for most applications.

Available on a wide range of glasses, goggles and OTGs.

B-CLEAN: anti-fog spray & cleaning range

This range of chemically engineered cleaning and anti-fog solutions is perfectly adapted for both prescription and non-prescription lenses, which makes it a great alternative to a permanent coating. B-CLEAN products are ideal to improve visibility and comfort in glasses or goggles that have no protective coating.